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The HTHT movie

DVD of Eddy Lejeune and Historical TL's

DVD of Eddy Lejeune and Historical TL's - The Honda Trials History
My friend Ryosuke Ikuno from Japan just completed an awesome DVD with Eddy Lejeune and Historical TL's.
You can buy it now sending him an e-mail 

Ryosuke Ikuno

1986 Honda Trials promo video 2

1986 Honda Trials Promo video

Thanks to Donald to send me this link video.

Honda TL125 Sammy Miller frame

Eddy Lejeune Trial lessons

Hiroshi Kondo Videos

The 1977 world round Hiroshi Kondo in Oberiberg, Switzerland on a 306 or 360 Honda?
It was filmed by The Honda Trials History friend Patrick Frei's father on a Super 8 film and now converted to video. Enjoy it!

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

ホンダ・バイアルスの動画 honda

Funny Sale, see the video.

Honda TL 125 1974 video

Japenese Police, Honda TLM

Eddy Lejeune 1986

Lejeune at Ventoux Classic