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Special & Unique Honda Bikes


The intention of this folder is to collect and describe the most important and unique Honda Trial bikes I found around the world.
I called this folder The Uniques & Special Honda trial bikes.

I have to say thanks to my friends, friends of this website who had the kindness to share to the Honda Trial passionates the excepcionallity of these amazing machines.
These machines were collected, restored or maintained in original condition by their owners. I thank you all to understand that some of these owners asked me to respect their anonymity.

Additionaly in a subsequent folder I included for its unique, rare and good work those machines that also no having historical relevance them have significance as special bikes.
If you know somebody that could have a very unique bike than could be included in this section, of course don't hesitate to send me that information.
JF, The Honda Trials History

RTL 250S Works, 1985

RTL 250S Works, 1985 - The Honda Trials History

Model: Honda RTL 300
Year: 1985
Engine: HONDA 250cc Works HRC
Frame: RTL
Original Owner: Honda HRC
Original Rider: Eddy Lejeune
Units Made: 3
Units alive: 1
Restored/Restorer: -
Actual Owner: Italian Collector

Bike History:
That special unit was one of the HRC works bikes made to rode at WTC in 1985.
This one has the number #1 engraved on its engine!!

The Lejeune's RTL in Canada

RTL 300 - Honda 305 Long Stroke

RTL 300 - Honda 305 Long Stroke - The Honda Trials History

Model: Honda RTL 300
Year: 1975
Engine: HONDA 305cc Long Stroke 
Frame: RTL
Original Owner: Honda RSC 
Original Rider: Rob Shepherd
Units Made: 3
Units alive: ? No data
Restored/Restorer: Mervyn Smith in 1990
Actual Owner: Honda Japan Museum, Motegi.

Bike History:
This bike was found by Mervyn Smith in the Honda race workshop at Chiswik in February 1990  by this web site friend Mervyn Smith. Once restored the bike was sent back to the Honda Museum Collection in Japan. We are not sure if they lost again....
Mervyn had the kindness to send me these pictures and the kindness to tell me interesting informations about these Honda old time machines. Mervyn Smith was working at Honda UK in the motorcycle department for 23 years. Not nothing!!
Actually, the 'long stroke' is commonly called RTL 305 and the 'short stroke' RTL 306 because it refers to their actual capacity, but at the time Honda called them both RTL 300 (this is what is stamped on both types of engine). *comments thanks to Jean Caillou.

© Copyright Mervyn Smith & The Honda Trials History

Mervyn took this picture in 1978 at Greensmith National Trial, Shropshire.

Rider is Rob Sheperd and the section is Crumps Brook. Thanks Mervyn!.


HONDA XL250 ELLIOTT SPECIAL - The Honda Trials History
Model: XL250 Elliot Special
Year: 1979-1983 (bike Completion)
Engine: HONDA XL250 YEAR 1979 NR VEO526T,
MAX POWER: 20 bhp AT 6000 RIM,
WHEELBASE: 1320 mm,
WEIGHT: 94 k
Original Owner: Patrick Elliot
Units Made: 1
Actual Owner: Italian Collector


Honda xl 250 elliott special trial - history thanks to Justyn Norek


Patrick Elliott master welder in tig technology and great enthousiast of trials, has ridden at early seventies best trials bikes of that period (namely ossa, montesa and suzuki) by pure chance has one day ocassion to compete in trial on english bike, triumph tiger cub.

Fact is that he has enjoyed this ride on small four stroke bike than riding more powerfull and fast two strokes that he has used so far...

In that period there was begining of honda domination in trials, first by sammy miller team in national events, then with eddy lejeune in world trials championship on honda 360 prototypes.

Patrick was fascinated by performance of these moto, but production

bikes were different and less competitive.

so he decided he can built one of his own concept.

He started buying production offroad xl 250 (uk registration number

veo 526t) destroyed its frame, and built new frame, light and compact.

Here comes interesting fact, as he has used steel tubes of very hard steel that were almost impossibly to bent, he has designed frame using only straight elements and multiple tig welding !!!

Same concept was aplied for exhoust tube, straight segments and lot

of welding, at least he was master welder, wasnt he ?

good example of quote "necessity is mother of invention", so in this

way Patrick bypassed limitation, using his creativity....

engine was detuned with lower compression rate and amal carburetor

was fitted, smaller than standard keihin, to get better torque, so important in trials.

As for suspension, he has opted for best from period:

telesco front fork, girling shocks, akront rims, montesa hubs....

at the begining fuel tank was from yamaha fs1e 50cc road bike, later substituted by fiber glass tankseat combo taken from Seeley Honda,

Albeit heavilly modificated to allow fitment of xl250 engine , so tank capacity was finally 2,5 liters more than sufficent due to low fourstroke fuel consumption.

final weight was reduced to 94 kg, some 30 less than original bike and

also 5 less than standard tl250.

this bike was completed in 1983 and used till the end of 1985, when pace of development of works trials bikes has outclassed it with arrival of monoshocks...

during this period patrick competed in several local trials in northern england, most challenging and memorable was "lakes 2 day trial",

after that Patrick gave more time to marriage, grawing family, house

then trials and rode bike only ocassionly through 90ties.

Finally in 2007 he has met apassionate trials rider from italy and with

help of lot of italian red wine, decided to sell his unique and only one

trials machine that stand now proudly between moto guzzi trial and

ccm 350 trial that we already tested, in garage of this keen trials rider somewhere in piedmonte...

and now its time to test her...more about it soon...

best regards




RS 250T KONDO "Alien"

RS 250T KONDO "Alien" - The Honda Trials History

Model: RS 250T KONDO
Year: 1982
Original Owner: Hiroshi Kondo
Original Rider: Hiroshi Kondo
Units Made: 1
Actual Owner: Hiroshi Kondo, Japan.

Bike History:

Hiroshi Kondo was the winner of the Japan Trial Championship at 1974 with Yamaha TY250 and 1977, 1978 and 1979 winner with Honda.
Kondo also rode at SSDT in 1976. Hiroshi rode at SSDT with a special Honda RS250T in 1984 inscribed with the number 154. Below you can see more info and pictures.
Hiroshi made some prototypes before the final Honda RS250T special,  following and again thanks to Mr. Hiroshi, you can see the pictures of the first what he made, below these following 3 pictures you can see the numbered 154 prototype.
Thanks to Hiroshi Kondo for the kidness to send me a lot of information, pictures and comments about this machine and his own Honda Trials experience.

Thanks also to my friends Ryosuke Ikuno and John Moffat for also his contribution with also pictures and information on the Kondo bike for The Honda Trials History webpage.

                    Picture © The Honda Trials History webpage thanks to Mr. Hiroshi Kondo (owner of the Picture)

Hiroshi Kondo made one of the most revolutionary performances never seen before in a Honda trials machine.
Starting from HRC Honda RS250T machine he developed the first complete aluminum frame for a trials machine in the world. Was in 1982, just coinciding first Honda World Trial Championship that Eddy Lejeune won.

This amazing machine had a special design containing the fuel tank into the upper side of the faluminim frame, just under the shapes.   Also at same level was included a perforated entrance window for the intake of the air to the Carburetor air box. I have no reference of the final weight of the bike.

This special design defined an strange an peculiar look who favored the name of "ALIEN" in reference of the movie.

The bike is today still alive. In fact, Hiroshi retsored and rode with this bike in a regional Japan Trials not long time ago.

Picture thanks to John Moffat and Mark Lamplough. Picture was taken and belongs to Mark Lamplough.

Honda Fraser HT250

Honda Fraser HT250 - The Honda Trials History
Model: Honda FRASER 250HT
Year: 1978
Engine: HONDA XL250S 250cc 4 valve twin exhaust 
Frame: David Fraser
Original Owner: Private UK owner
Original Rider: 
Units Made:  5 to 10
Units alive: 2
Restored/Restorer: The Honda Trials History
Actual Owner: Spanish Collector
Bike History:
In 1978 David Fraser of Redditch developed this special machine. In this bike he used the XL250S (1978) twin exhaust engine. The bike was kown as Fraser Honda HT250.
Small desctription of this bike was related on Tommy Sandham's Honda trials book. (pag 74)

THe HT250 was a very special and rare bike. Today I only have reference from two only HT250 survivors.
One under restoration (Honda Trials History) and second one from Callum Roberston from UK. 
This one from Spanish Collector is one of the two known David Fraser HT250 survivors.


This very competitive trials bike mounted for first time on one trials bike history a unusual intermediate chain.
(later in 1985, JJCobas from Spain applyed same solution on his revolutionary Montesa and Bultaco engine: The JJ Cobas Trials bike)

 This is the later JJ cobas double chain system frame. Picture property of The Honda Trials History webpage. 

 ©The Honda Trials History

Funny and clever intermadiate chain system.This unit without tensioner but using half link chain. 

Honda Gollner 250S

Honda Gollner 250S - The Honda Trials History

Model: Honda Gollner 250S
Year: 1987
Engine: HONDA TLR 250cc 
Frame: TLR monoshock - Gollner
Original Owner: Neal Hubbard
Original Rider: Neal Hubbard
Units Made: 4
Units alive: ?
Restored/Restorer: -
Actual Owner: Nick Jordan

Bike History:

This Gollner is a 1987 TLR with a monoshock conversion by Bob Gollner and Chris Griffln, it still has the original aluminium undertank with a fibreglass tank and seat cover. A Talon front disc brake has been added at a later date. The bike was used by Neal Hubbard a top British championship rider in the mid eighties and we believe that it is one of only 4 250s

Honda CBTL 250

Honda CBTL 250 - The Honda Trials History

Model: Honda CBTL 250
Year: 1970 (base) 
Engine: HONDA CB250K 250cc Twin Cylinder
Frame: home made
Original Owner: Unknown
Original Rider: -
Units Made: 1
Units alive: 1
Restored/Restorer: start in feb 2010 finished in aug 2013 by Gave Justin
Actual Owner: Gave Justin, France


Bike History:

Each trial rider had ever seen or heard something about twin trial bikes. lots of triumph and a few honda's.
Made by cl72 or cb125 or 175 for the belgian one, why not by the scultural  honda cb250k engine?
Gave Justin imagine and build all the bike, not whitout pain, but as hold school spirit, all by steel and alloy, all by hands end a few classic tools as any one could have at home.
The first public show was at the last RTLR club europe meeting, 2013.
it is a really smooth bike to ride but powerfull if you want. the 180° twin give a roundness sensation, so far as works honda trial single cylindre like rtl 360...
a real trial hikes bike, for classic ride, not with two meters high rocks...
the bike has also a very good grip in hard condition, maybe the weight... but the suspensions feels great also.

1965 Honda S90

1965 Honda S90 - The Honda Trials History

Model: Honda S90 Ken Ives
Year: 1965
Engine: HONDA 90cc 8 Hp
Frame: S90 Ken Ives 
Original Owner: -
Original Rider: -
Units Made: -
Units alive: 1
Restored/Restorer: -
Actual Owner: Olivier Barjon

Bike History:

Ken Ives was a Honda dealers that made one of the first transformations from the "street" Hondas to ride on Trials races.
Ken Ives took a 1965 Honda S90 and made following modifications and improvements to well adapt on atrials riding:

He replaced the tyres, made a wider swing arm, of course improved the position and design of the foot rests, special exhaust, and add a bash plate to protect the bootom engine.

Engine was a lttle 90cc OHC, developing 8hp power, but strong enough to start on the first trial races.

Anounced sales price was 159GBP taxes included and 1-2 weeks delivery time.

In 1965 Clive N Mills was given a contract with Ken for one year, thanks to his son Andrew ho had the kindness to share me this picture. 

At same time the Japanese Hideo Tanaka made his own transformation and rode with his S90. Tanaka, some time later was working on the RTL305 development.
In 2006, Kojiro Mori entered at Kinlochleven Scotish Pre 65 2-Day with this machine ( an S90 replica, the original one owns to Olivier Barjon who had the kidness to send me below nice pictures, after Jean and Pascal pictures)


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