Works bikes. Essential chapter!

This is a chapter dedicated to trials works bikes, these survivors (very few and watch out for replicas) are nowadays well preserved by some trials amateur friends, who in addition, to keeping them, give to these works bikes life by rolling them from time to time.

Today some of these models (talking about Honda works models) are preserved thanks to the European mechanics, or some pilots, who contrary to the strict rules of the Japanese brand (destruction of the prototypes) preferred to jealously guard those wonders of the technique. It is also true that there are various cases that have made possible the preservation of these wonders. But in almost all cases there is a common denominator. All current owners are passionate and lovers of technology, design and the history of competition and trials motorcycles.

Recently was launched the WTB Owners Club, with the main goal to give the opportunity to see them again at shows or in action, in order to preserve the History of trials competition, and pay tribute to the men behind the machines.

The value of those prototypes could be well above European motorcycles, as the technology and materials they used were infinitely better and sophisticated than their competitors’. Honda, it must be remembered, that next to the small and artisan European trial brands, it was a monster, the largest giant in the world.

The WTB Owners Club

Works Trials Bikes Owners Group, 100 member strong which includes owners; works riders; engineers; mechanics; journalists and historians of the sport of trials, (I was honored by the founders to be included as one of these 100 members) from all over the world (Europe, Japan and the USA). You can find also extended information at Facebook page with is operated on behalf of WTB members. 

I had been honored with the 45 member number

Main WTB Owners Club is: Preserving the History of trials competition, Linking owners, former champions, historians, journalists and photographers, Giving expertise to event organizers, Ensuring traceability of bikes

All motorcycles, from the beginnings to recent years, will be catered for, in the following categories:

  1. Works or factory prototypes (never commercially produced);
  2. Champion’s bikes (derivated from commercial models);
  3. Replicas (i.e. works engine in a replica frame).

In this chapter I will prioritize the Honda Trials bikes, of course, but, maybe I will also post some other interesting to show you and compare other brand trials works bikes.

Honda Works 1979 RTL 360 ex Eddy Lejeune
Honda works 305 ex Marland Wahley. 1975
At the 2020 Ventoux Trial Classic, the WTB Group was exhibiting some interesting bikes. My favorite, of course, the 1979 Honda RTL 360.
Honda RTL250S
Steve Saunders at World round Merthyr Tydfil riding works HRC RTL250S. Picture thanks to Marvyn Smith