The Bill Head BH-185

Chris Mulhall, a friend of this website, built 20 or 30 years ago a Fraser Honda. He bought the frame kit in Birmingham from an advert in the Trials and Motocross Newspaper.

The frame kit was probably for an XL185. Chris built it with a TL125 engine with a Sammy Miller 150 kit and XL185 forks. The petrol was in the top frame tube like some of the bikes on your page but the large diameter tube is shorter, only the length of the hump in the seat and tank cover.

«Although it is branded as a Bill Head BH185 I was told it was a Fraser frame kit when I bought it. «

«I came across your website while trying to research a Fraser Honda trials bike that I built some years ago and sold. It is a great website that I visit regularly «

Bill Head was an off road Honda dealership in Birmingham. After Chris sold the bike he lost track of it and he never seen it again. If somebody know something about, please contact me. Chris and me will thank you any information.

Thanks to Chris Mulhall