The RS Yamamoto

Yamamoto RS250 TW at Motegi Museum, Japan.

The RS250TW from 1985 was based on the 1982 RS250T, painted Red, White and Blue colors, HRC engine TLR front forks and some improvements like oil cooler link. The RS250TW was also called Yamamoto because he was the rider of this official bike.

Yamamoto Masaya was the winner of Japan Trial Championship from 1982 to 1986!!

The three best Yamamoto Replicas

Nowadays some nice and good Yamamoto’s replica have been made. but one of the best I see is the Jean Pierre Pregardien from France, Justin Gaugh from Australia and Gabriele Milan replicas.

Following below, the amazing work done by my friend Gabriele Milan from Italy. A super collector and Honda trials fan. Thanks Gabriele to share these nice pictures.

Gabriele Milan Yamamoto replica

Next pictures below, the great job done by Jean Pierre Pregardien.

Jean Pierre Pregardien Yamamoto replica

Below the third replica made by Justin Gough from Australia. Absolutely great!!

Justin Gough Yamamoto replica

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