From 1985 to 1990

1985 Honda bikes

1985 Honda RS250TW YAMAMOTO

The RS250TW from 1985 was based on the 1982 RS250T, painted Red, White and Blue colors, HRC engine TLR front forks and some improvements like oil cooler link.

The RS250TW was also called Yamamoto because he was the rider of this official bike.

Yamamoto Masaya was the winner of Japan Trial Championship from 1982 to 1986!!

Yamamoto, thanks to Ryosuke Ikuno

 Picture from Yamamoto thanks to my friend Ryosuke Ikuno.

Yamamoto engine at Motegi Museum during the restoration. Picture and info thanks to friend Olivier Barjon.


Displacement:  249,8cc

Maximum Power: 15 Hp at 6.000 rpm

Maximum Torque: 2,0 Kg/m at 4.000 rpm


Six speed


Weight: 87 Kg


Thanks to Jean-Pierre for the following pictures from his Honda RS250TW
Yamamoto Replica

Yamamoto Bike

Below these lines, an amazing Yamamoto restauration sent by Justin Gough from Australia. 

You can see the special oil external engine link and the HRC engraved crankcase.

Spectacular! thanks Justin.


Below these lines, nice picture sent by Gabriele Milan. Japanese rider (sorry, I don’t know his name) with a very special RS250TW.

1985 Honda RS250TA


 The Honda RS250TA was produced by HRC in a small quantity as all the RS Honda range of models. (the largest number I have noticed is 4240 that means at least 240 units were made)

After legendary RS250T and the evolutioned and very competitive RS250TW Yamamoto the RS250TA was the final step of the RS special race bikes. Close to the standar TLR and little bit more «civilized». 

Frame number for this family began on RS250TAF – 4001, were 4001 was the first number of this series.

On the pic below: 

Thanks to Hap Oswald from California we can enjoy with these pictures. An original RS250TA produced by HRC. Less than 100 were launched to the market and this is one of the only 10 that were flown into the USA in 1984 by a Trials Shp located in Los Angeles, California.

Harrys Trials Shop, California, USA.


1986 Honda TL 125D

Pat Jay, from Aspen Cafe

Picture thanks Pat from Aspen Cafe

Based on the TLR200 (see 1982 Honda TLR200 and TLR250 Honda Trials History article) Honda developed the TL 125 model adapting same frame, similar gas tank, seat, plastic parts, and using the 125cc four stroke engine.

The model was offered in two plastic colors, Blue and red. Engine was silver Gray, Frame ever in Silver Gray.

Later in 1986 (1989 in Europe) TL 125 was Black engine painted frame in white, also gas tank and front forks. Seat pad was colored in blue.

Picture thanks Pat from Aspen Cafe

Marina’s TL. Thanks to Marina from Honda Trials History
TL 125 Tech Catalogue


Air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder 

Displacement: 124 cc.

Maximum Power: 10 hp at 8.000 rpm

Maximum torque: 0,98 Kg/m at 4.500 rpm

Ignition: CDI


Five speed


Diamond steel type

Wheelbase: ? I have no this information

Caster angle: ? I have no this information

Front suspension: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Hidraulic

Weight: 89 Kg

TL 125 (Joan F.,The Honda Trials History)

Picture thanks to Pat from Aspen Cafe

Below, again two different spectacular views of The TL125 sent by Pat from French Alps.

Pat from Aspen Cafe (Samoens)
Pat from Aspen Cafe

1986 Honda TL 125 Fieldtripper

Fieldtripper was sold in Japan in 1986 with these colors and finishing. The code was JD06 and it is close to TL 125D 1986 sold in Europe.


TL 125 Kit Pro


Thanks to Pascal Deliège for these great pictures from his nice TL 125 Kit Pro 180cc

1986 Honda TLR 200 Reflex

 1986 Honda TLR200 REFLEX

Honda TLR Reflex

Honda TLR200 Reflex. Picture thanks to Chris Porter.

The TLR200 REFLEX used same TLR200 engine based on XR200 Honda engine, 194cc displacement 4 stroke. Honda Reflex was equiped with seat and lights acording USA standard road rules.

Honda TLR200 Reflex left view. Picture thanks to Jay from Iowa

Some differences were introduced like 33mm front forks, gas tank and seat new colors and stickers, new mufler to also adapt standards.

Honda TLR200 Reflex  right view. Picture thanks to Jay from Iowa


Gasoline air cooled 4-stroke

Displacement: 194 cc

Valve train: Overhead camshaft chain drive

Maximum Horspower: 13,4 hp at 6.500 rpm

Maximum Torque: 1,8 Kg/m at 4.000rpm

Compression ratio: 8.2 : 1

Ignition: CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)


6- Speed transmission constant mesh

Clutch: Wet multi-plate type


Diamond Type

Front suspension: 33mm diameter, 160mm travel

Rear suspension: swing arm 150mm travel

Fuel capacity: 6,5 lit

Caster angle: 26º 30′


Weight: 90 Kg

Wheel base: 1315mm

Seat heigh: 780mm

Honda Reflex in action! Picture thanks to Chris Porter.

1986 Honda TLR250R (Honda Code KT2)


In 1986 Honda developed this four stroke engine trials bike for the Japanese market. Most innovative feature was the frame type. 

The weakest point of this machine was its weight, 93kg!

Pat from Aspen Cafe


Air cooled 4 stroke OHC single cylinder 

Displacement: 244 cc.

Maximum Power: 14 hp at 5.500 rpm

Maximum torque: 2,0 Kg/m at 2.500 rpm

Ignition: CDI


Six speed


Diamond steel type

Wheelbase: 1,335 mm

Caster angle: ? I have no this information

Front suspension: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Pro-link

Weight: 93 Kg

Picture sent by Pat from Aspen Cafe


TLR 250R picture thanks to Jiří Kříž from Check Republic


Nice picture thanks to John Rushworth. John has written relevant information about the Honda TLR 250R in his own pages. Take a look to enlarge the specifications and thinks around this bike. Thanks for your help John!

John Rusworth pages:

Jay Gaard

TLR250R in perfect and original conditions at National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa. Thanks to Jay Gaard.


Climbing at  Chinov, Amazing picture thanks to Jiri Kriz.

1985 Honda RTL360 Eddy Lejeune

RTL 360 1985 proto

Based on the RTL 250S, HRC made this prototype for Eddy Lejeune in 1985. An enlarged engine to 360cc Capacity.

Today this unique prototype was perfectly restored by Franck Chaplain for Patrick from RTLR Club.

Thanks to Patrick Pissis, RTLR Club Europe

Telford off road show in February 2014 and display of nice Honda 360 from the RTLR Club Europe. (Picture thanks to Patrick)

Thanks to Toon Van de Vilet

The huge Four-stroke 359cc Capacity, Bore 82mm and stroke 68mm with more than 20Cv at 6.000rpm. (Picture thanks © to Toon Van de Vilet)

Thanks Toon Van de Vilet

Picture thanks © to Toon Van de Vilet


1986 Honda RTL 250S

1985-87 Honda RTL250s (Honda Code ND9)

First RTL’s prototypes were made around 1985 and developed by HRC.

The first RTL prototype I have information was this pictured one in Belgium. The prototype was brought to Europe from Japan from Masaya Yamamoto ho was testing this special unit.

This RTL prototype was in Belgium to also be tested by Eddy Lejeune and his brother Erick.


On these pictures sent thanks to Joan Figols, we can see the newfangled rear shockabsorver position, monoshock , inclined to make enough space under the seat. Also the front double tubbbing was a novelty to fix the engine and to fit the oild radiator.


The big silencer (fully hand made) and the air lateral holes under the seat were later part of the strong personality of this wonderful and spectacular bike.

First 1986 RTL’s were equiped with drum brakes and had 249cc displacement, later this capacity were increased on the official bikes to 270cc. 1988 models were disk brakes improved.


 This nice picture, © thanks to Frédéric Mohring, Masaya with the new RTL250 proto in Belgium. Also in first plane we can recognize Jean Lejeune (Pépé Lejeune) Lejeune’s father.

Thanks to the valuable contribution of this site friend Carlo, today «The Honda TRials History» webpage is pleased to show you this exceptional document.

This unit is the first RTL250s works Lejeune. Has the number 1 engine!!!!

This RTL250S works was made in 1985.

 The use of any picture shall be authorised by his owner through The Honda Trials History web.

Here above, thanks to Andy Perry, we can see Eddy Lejeune at the 85 Charles hurst cup in Ireland. 

Above, also thanks to Anfy Perry more pictures from Eddy and the RTL works.

This first monoshock model was the base for the later renowned Rothmans works RTL250s (increased to 270cc) for the Lejeune and Saunders Honda Team.

1988 RTL250S pink model (no disck brakes yet). Picture thanks to John Stuart.

Toshiyuki with RTL250s

 Trials show at Yoyogi Stadium, Japam. Thanks to Ikutame Toshiyuki (rider on the picture)


First 1986 RTL’s were equiped with drum brakes and had 249cc displacement, later this capacity were increased on the official bikes to 270cc. 1988 models were disk brakes improved.

Three nice old pictures sent by the friend of this website Andy Perry who took these interesting pictures from the RTL Pre Factory Steve Saunders machine. Pictures ©Andy Perry

Thanks to René

Very nice picture sent by René Mabily. © René Mabily

1985 Honda RTL250S thanks to Andrew Hoddle from Mitland, Australia. The bike was acquired in Japan on this incredible conditions. The silencer was unmarked, unusual well conserved, also some details as the side stand rubber stop no damaged, and no big marks on the bash plate. Beautiful unit.

Steve Saunders, and later John Shirt rode with this special machines.

Also Derrick Edmonson rode with Eddy Lejeune as his minder.

Edmonson, pictures taken in April 1987 at the Hurst Cup Irish World Championship Trial,

thanks to Stuart for these pictures!

Edmonson in action with his RTL250S

The RTL250S 1987 Pink, blue, white colors.

Same Year at Hurst Cup Irish World Championship Trial, Thanks again Stuart.

Ichiro Kuroyama SSDT 1988 Creag Lundie, Picture thanks to Iain Lawrie © 

The legendary Martin Lampkin on his amazing RTL250 pink in Mamore, SSDT 1987. Picture thanks to friend of this site Iain Lawrie. Thanks Iain!

Ian Rowley SSDT 1988 Ben nevis. Honda RTL250S Pink. Picture thanks again to Iain Lawrie. 


Displacement: 249cc.

Maximum Power: 14 hp at 6.000 rpm

Maximum torque: 2,05 Kg/m at 4.000 rpm

Ignition: CDI


Six speed


Diamond steel

Wheelbase: 1,315 mm

Caster angle: 25º

Front suspension: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Pro-link

Weight: 82 Kg

The RTL250S folder thanks to John Moffat

John Shirt at Irish Experts Trial, early 1988. Picture thanks to Stuart Martin.

The bike is an Ex Lejeune 270cc, with the single downtube frame and deep

silencer exhaust, only fitted to factory bikes!

Weekend trials in Japan, thanks to friend Hiroshi Kondo for sending these pictures.

Honda Delwiche

An RTL or TLR?

Friends Philiuppe Delwiche (Honda dealership owner) from Belgium and Bernard Hubaut, mechanical and trials passionate joined with the idea of transforming a TLR in a RTL.

Hubaut and Delwiche thought this was a way to achieve a better price for an RTL, a bike that at that time was virtually inaccessible by its high price.

Thus, set to work starting from an standard TLR engine and developing a  new frame with monoshock suspension using special Fournales shock absorber diractely mounted on the chassis almost horizontally.

To improve TLR engine performance Hubaut changed the main jet modified the air filter and exhaust muffler was substantially improved.

Delwiche and Hubaut offered different possibilities for acquiring the bike with different prices.

It was also possible to buy this transformation from a TLR 200 to which he increased the displacement to 250cc

As the RTL were, this model also had a shell-covering made in polyester with a seat included and that hid the petrol tank sandwiched between the frame tubes.

The first bikes were painted red chassis and shell in blue / white / red, but later went mounted with different colors depending on demand.

According Bernard Hubaut, about 60 units were made.

My thanks to David Malfait for the documentation and pictures that kindly he sent me.

1986 Honda 270cc Rothmans

Carlo’s RTL. Thanks Carlo.

In 1986, the big cigarette company Rothmans agreed to sponsor Honda trials team, creating the new Rothmans-Honda Trials Team. The bike Honda used for this sponsored Team was the superb HRC Honda 270cc based on the RTL model.

Very small quantity bikes were made and again there is no so clear how many units are still alive because HRC had instructions to «crush» all the works bikes.

On this picture sent by The Honda Trials History friend Carlo, we are fortunate to see one of the unic survival Honda 270 Rothmans, maybe the only one survival!!

The bike was purchased to Derrick Edmonson (Steve Saunders mechanic) who saved from the «crusher». Today more than 25 years later the history can be related.

The fortunate rider is Pippo Bartorilla from Italy.

The use of any picture shall be authorised by his owner through The Honda Trials History web.

Today there is a lot of «Rothmans» fashion RTL’s or TLR’s but I’m sure that all the big quantity of units you can see everywere is only replicas, cosmetic replicas that the only they have is a nice painting but usually based on standard TLR’s. Beautiful bikes anyway.

Bike used for this new season was based on the RTL250. The engine was enlarged to 270cc , also engine was improved with oil cooler to solve the hot problem that usually 4 stroke engines had on trial races, losing or affecting performance. Also exhaust system was modifyied to get more power. Engine was developed by HRC.

The stars of this Team were Lejeune and Saunders. 

Thanks to John Moffat here is a nice picture from 1986 SSDT. Steve Saunders on his factory Honda RTL 270 Rothmans Racing colors.

In opinion of Moffat «the best looking trials machines ever made».


The picture was also taken by John Moffat.Thanks a lot John!!

Steve Saunders and the beautiful RTL270, Iain Lawrie Picture. Thanks Iain.

Awesome picture taken by the friend of this site Iain Lawrie.SSDT 1986, Lagnaha section.

One of my favorite pictures taken by friend Iain Lawrie, and one of the most beautiful trials bike ever made.

Thanks to Iain Lawrie
Thanks to John Moffat

Thanks to John Moffat we can enjoy with this great picture:

Eddy Lejeune with his factory Honda RTL 270SW Rothmans!!

The picture was taken by John at Scottish Six Days Trial 1986.

Eddy Lejeune at 1986 World Trial Championship, left the Honda factory RTL250S and RTL270SW Rothmans at right.

Picture thanks to Ron Walsh from Canada.

Factory Lejeune Rothmans, picture thanks to Ron Walsh from Canada.

Thanks to Pat (Aspen Cafe, Samoens)

Thanks to Pat from Aspen Cafe here is a Nice 270 Rothmans framework.

Petrol tank was alluminum, Over covered by the Rothmans painted kit seat and tank cover.

The Honda RTL50S, 1989


At the end of 1988 Honda made a replica of the successful Honda RTL250S for trials beginners (kids).

Honda made a really nice replica using a two-stroke 50cc. engine.

Colors of this little machine matched with the RTL250S pink version.

Today, thanks to my site friend Stephane Zache I have rediscovered one of the Honda Trials bikes that I’m sure helped a lot of trials beginners like Stephane. (picture below)

Thanks to Stephan Zache

1988 Honda RTL250S Disc brakes  (Honda Code NN0)

In 1988 Honda made the last updating of RTL’s series, Disc brakes and updated HRC engine, based on the last 1987 RTL (pink color).

As Tommy Sandham say in his Four-Sroke Finale? book, may be the ultimate trials weapon.

John Shirt Jr rode with this nice machine achieving good results also in the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1988.

Honda RTL 250, interesting article on «Classic Dirt Bike Magazine» by Tim Britton, take a look at:

Honda RTL | Classic Dirt Bike

Picture sent by Pat from Aspen Cafe

Thanks to Craig McLeod for these nice RTL250S pictures.

John Shirt Jr rode with this nice machine achieving good results also in the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1988.

John Shirt Jr at the 1988 SSDT, picture thanks to John from Trialmag.(John Shirt Snr. picture copyright)*

John Shirt Jr at the 1988 SSDT, picture thanks to John from Trialmag.(John Shirt Snr. picture copyright)*

John Shirt Jr with his special disk brakes RTL250S in the Paddock at 1988 SSDT,

picture thanks to John from Trialmag.(John Shirt Snr. picture copyright)*

Martin Lampkin, thanks to Iain Lawrie
Martin Lampkin, 1987 thanks to Iain Lawrie

The great and legendary rider Martin Lampkin, SSDT 1988 Chairlift with the nice Honda RTL250S disk brakes. Picture thanks to friend Iain Lawrie.

Ichiro Kuroyama, Thanks to Iain Lawrie
Glen Scholey, thanks to Iain Lawrie

Glen Scholey SSDT 1988 Lagnaha with his special Honda RTL250S disk brakes. Picture thanks again to friend Iain Lawrie.

RTL250S, Picture sent by Pat from Aspen Cafe

Picture sent by Pat from Aspen Cafe

Nice RTL250S disk brakes, Picture sent by Patrick Frei.

Thanks to Patrick here is a nice 1988 RTL250S Disk brakes from Zurich.

D’ont forget to also see it at Patrick’s web:

RTL250S, both Rothmans painted. Picture sent by Pat from Aspen Cafe

Pictures thanks to Craig McLeod from UK.

Nice RTL250s Disck brakes thanks to Jiří Kříž from Check Republic

Really nice RTL250s Disck brakes Rothmans painted. One of the nicest units I’ve never saw!! thanks to Valter Ponzo from Italy. At 3rd picture you can see all the spares raedy to be assembled. Good work Valter.

Thanks to Valter Ponzo
Valter Ponzo picture
Valter Ponzo Picture

Thanks to Pedro Pablo from Madrid, The bike was only cleaned after 20 years stored and out of use. Pedro Pablo found the bike 100% original condition and he told me that is today running perfectly!!

Picture thanks to Perdo Pablo, Madrid.

Thanks to Justyn Jr. who is learning and practicing trial with this nice RTL unit his father bought him.

Thanks to Toon van de Vilet, retired from Motorsport Journalism and Trials enthusiast, sent me these pictures from his 1989 RTL250s.

Special exhaust you can see was according the US regulation.

Tom Van de Vilet in action!

The TITANIUM RTL250S Special by Franck Chaplain from France

This special project was sent by the friend of this website Franck Chaplain, with the help of his father on his own workshop, he made a very professional and high quality job replacing big part of steel components to Titanium or aluminum. He replaced screws, nuts, washers, shafts, axes, levers, kick start lever, cylinder head, rear dumper, front fork, Showa and Ohlins inside, …

Incredible job!! Also part of the frame was made in Titanium, amazing believeme!!

Take a look at following pictures to believe that all I’m saying it’s true, 100% true!

Thanks Franck 🙂

Recently Franck sent me more pictures to update his amazing TITANIUM RTL work.

Now DID rims were TITANIUM replicated, also brake caliper, again, lot of parts made.

More than 2 Kg weight was reduced!!

Thanks again Franck!

Gas tank was made in aluminum adding a visual level as old (1978) Honda TL200R had on its Fiber-glass gas tank. Very nice solution Franck! Congratulations again for this awesome work! 


Congratulations Franck. The bike was finished finally withh a great weight of only 74,5 Kg. !!!

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1989 Honda bikes (Two stroke engines)

The final of the Honda four stroke models

TLM series (two stroke engine)

The TLM series were included in this webpage due to their value as a trial post classic bike, also because its rare and short production and for its nice design. These bikes were also made by HRC Honda, making them even more special.

Of course, these are not included on the Four-stroke range, but I thought had to have a place on my website.


©The Honda Trials History

1989 Honda TLM 260R


Based on two stroke Spanish Montesa engine, Honda made these bikes for Japanese market. The TLM’s never came to Europe or US market.

This was the «temporary» change made by Honda Trials Bikes, but no later, Honda returned to his Four-Stroke engines.

El Gorg Negre

The TLM tested by The Honda Trials History pictured in a wonderful place, thanks to my friend Rafel

© Copyright of the picture The Honda Trials History

I have foccused all my webpage on classic four-stroke Honda trial bikes, but to be honest, these two-stroke engine Honda machines also stole my hesrt !! …and not only for its lovely design. After testing the machine I was really impressed. Believe me that the TLM runs like a bomb! perfect! lot of power, easy to drive, good grip, incredible suspension in front and superb on rear wheel.

I only had the feeling that at low rpm, torque was somewhat lower than my loved four-stroke old machines. Maybe only the feeling…:)

J.Forrellad at Pancho’s section


Air cooled 2 stroke single cylinder 

Displacement: 256 cc.

Maximum Power: 17 hp at 5.000 rpm

Maximum torque: 2,7 Kg/m at 3.500 rpm

Ignition: CDI


Six speed


Diamond steel type

Wheelbase: ? I have no this information

Caster angle: ? I have no this information

Front suspension: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Pro-link

Weight: 84 Kg


The 1989 TLM260R


 Japanese brochure showing a diferent and nice TLM painting design, these finishing never arrived to Europe or USA. 

Eddie’s TLM. Thanks Eddie!

 Two pair of diferent TLM 260R’s thanks to Eddie from UK.     Picture © 

Luis Lazaro’s TLM. Thanks Luis.

Very nice restored TLM 260R by Lluis Lazaro from Barcelona. 

Thanks Takumi

The Takumi Narita TLM 260 Works,

Picture © The Honda Trials History

The Honda Trials History ©

Picture © The Honda Trials History

The Honda Trials History ©

Thanks to Gabriele Milan. Good to see this Sticker on the top 🙂

Thanks to Gabrielle Milan for this funny picture with The Honda Trials History sticker on top.


1985 Honda TLM 200R (Code MD 15)

1985 TLM 200R Japan Catalogue
Make Model Honda TLM 200R
Year 1985
Engine Air cooled. two-stroke, single cylinder SOHC, 2 valve,
Capacity 195
Bore x Stroke 65.5 x 57.8 mm
Compression Ratio 7.2:1
Induction Single 26mm Keihin carb
Ignition  /  Starting CDI  /  kick
Max Power 13 hp @  5000 rpm
Max Torque 1.9 kg-m @  4000 rpm
Transmission  /  Drive 6 Speed  /  chain
Front Suspension Telescopic forks
Rear Suspension Swinging arm
Front Brakes Drum
Rear Brakes Drum
Front Tyre 2.75-21
Rear Tyre 4.00-18
Wet-Weight 89 kg
Fuel Capacity 6 Litres
TLM 200R 1987 Japan Catalogue

1988 Honda TLM 220R (Code MD 23)

TLM 220R
通称名 TLM220R
型式 MD 23
全長×全幅×全高 (m) 2.010×0.820×1.080
軸距 (m) 1.320
最低地上高 (m) 310
シート高 (m) 770
車両重量/乾燥重量 (kg) 95/89
乗車定員 (人) 1
燃料消費率(km/L)50km/h定地走行テスト値 52.3
最小回転半径 (m) 1.5
エンジン型式 MD 23 E(空冷·2サイクル·単気筒)
総排気量 (cm3) 216
内径×行程 (mm) 69.0×58.0
圧縮比 6.8
最高出力 (PS/rpm) 13/5,500
最大トルク (kgm/rpm) 2.0/3,500
キャブレター型式 PE 63
始動方式 キック式
点火装置形式 CDI式 マグネット点火
潤滑方式 分離潤滑式
潤滑油容量 (L) 0.6
燃料タンク容量 (L) 6.0
クラッチ形式 湿式多板コイルスプリング
変速機形式 常時噛合式6段リターン
変速比 1速 3.090
2速 2.461
3速 1.888
4速 1.421
5速 1.000
6速 703
減速比(1次/2次) 3.750/2.384
キャスター(度)/トレール(mm) 22°30′/54
タイヤサイズ 2.75-21 45 P
4.00-18 64 P
ブレーキ形式 油圧式ディスク
懸架方式 テレスコピック式
フレーム形式 ダイヤモンド

1988 Honda TLM 240R 

TLM 240R Japanese Catalogue

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