Special & Unique Honda bikes

Honda had a very special and strong way to protect its technology, know how as well every development made to its engines or geometry frame. Regarding competition, they made a unique bikes for their pro riders with the particularity to destroy and send back to Japan every photo unit after the races or the championship season. That’s reason why it is practically impossible to see bike survivals from these times.

Honda HT250 Fraser 1978

Even so, some fortunate collectors or Honda passionates could had the opportunity to find or discover some rare jewels.

This chapter I’m pleased to share to you, is based on this fact. Again thanks my colleagues, friends and followers, I was collecting pictures and stories surrounding that concept. The unique survivors Honda Bikes.

The intention of this folder is to collect and describe the most important and unique Honda Trial bikes I found around the world.

I called this folder Special Honda trial bikes.

I have to say thanks to my friends, friends of this website who had the kindness to share to the Honda Trial passionates the excepcionallity of these amazing machines.

These machines were collected, restored or maintained in original condition by their owners. I thank you all to understand that some of these owners asked me to respect their anonymity.

Additionaly in a subsequent folder I included for its unique, rare and good work those machines that also no having historical relevance them have significance as special bikes.

If you know somebody that could have a very unique bike than could be included in this section, of course don’t hesitate to send me that information.


Joan F, The Honda Trials History