Honda Fraser HT250

Model: Honda FRASER 250HT Year: 1978

Engine: HONDA XL250S 250cc 4 valve twin exhaust Frame: David Fraser

Original Owner: Private UK owner Original Rider: 

Units Made:  5 to 10 Units alive: 2 Restored/Restorer:The Honda Trials History

Actual Owner: The Honda Trials History

Bike History:

In 1978 David Fraser of Redditch developed this special machine. In this bike he used the XL250S (1978) twin exhaust engine. The bike was kown as Fraser Honda HT250.

Small desctription of this bike was related on Tommy Sandham’s Honda trials book. (pag 74)

THe HT250 was a very special and rare bike. Today I only have reference from two only HT250 survivors.

One under restoration (Honda Trials History) and second one from Callum Roberston from UK. 

This one from Spanish Collector is one of the two known David Fraser HT250 survivors.

This very competitive trials bike mounted for first time on one trials bike history a unusual intermediate chain.

(later in 1985, JJCobas from Spain applyed same solution on his revolutionary Montesa and Bultaco engine: The JJ Cobas Trials bike)

This is the later JJ cobas double chain system frame. Picture property of The Honda Trials History webpage. 
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