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Should Honda trials bikes interest you then have a look at – an excellent website for Honda fans.

Tim Britton, Editor Classic Dirt Bike

«Le site où l’on truve tout sur les Honda trial à partir de 1965. Une mine d’or pour les passionnés du poum-poum nippon!»

Charles Benhamou, Trial Classic Magazine, Horse serie nº4

Joan has put together an extraordinarily interesting site about Honda trials motorcycles. Well done

Tommy Sandham

After reading The Honda Trials History webpage let me say you that, I enjoy it very much!!

 Hiroshi Kondo

«…Pour les amateurs de Honda classic, voici un site qui retrace l’histoire de cette marque dans le milieu du trial au fil des ans…»

Jackriderpost at Trial en ancienne Forum

«You will love this. It’s possibly the best web site I have seen on Honda trials machines. Check out to view the history of Honda trials.»

John Hulme news on

«Excellent resource about the history of Honda Trials…


«…sin duda una lugar de visita imprescindible para todos los Honda-trial-adictos que son un colectivo amplísimo…»

«En el mundo de los aficionados y seguidores de Honda trial está empezando a ser un referente.»

 Nandu from

«thanks for your website, really awesome for the Honda Trial culture!»

 Stephane Zache Site collaborator

«I want to tell you your website is one of the best I ever seen on Honda trial!»

 Benoit Site follower

«L’historique des Honda de Trial, Tout est ici, c’est en anglais, mais super bien fait ! 

Le Forum des Honda Trial   Forum from France

 «a must for all Honda trials fans! «

Nigel Land, TLR Transformations   Honda TLR Specialists from UK

«I really like your site!

 I worked for Honda UK in the Motorcycle Departmen for 23 years.»

 Mervyn Smith    UK ex-Honda motorcycle worker

«Fantastic site! Must send them a few photos.»

Jimmy Young   

«I love your site and also like the Honda…»

René Mabily   French site follower.

 » Bonjour, Bravo pour votre site un petit chef d’œuvre,»

Jean-Pierre Pregardien French site follower.

«Congratulations on a great website , its really enjoyable.»

 «congratulations for your great site, a lot of usefull informations which is hardly find on other sources in the net, great pictures and a very impressive design ! Thanks a lot for all the work ! «

Martin Sattler  site follower

«Obviously your website answers a need from Honda trials lovers from all over the world. When I see so many contributors, including several friends of mine and others I had never heard of, it shows that you are doing it the right way. I can only imagine how much work and effort it takes !»

Jean Caillou

«Many thanks for your job on the website!»

Frédéric Bertram site follower

For much more information on Honda Trials machines it is worth looking at The Honda Trials Story on

Trials Guru Facebook page

 Thanks for your wonderfull website with very good informations

 Gordon Martinovic site follower

Hi, love your site, I have a passion for Honda trials bikes, I love looking at the pictures of the rare and unique bikes on your site, keep up the good work.  

Nick, site follower and Honda collector

Complimenti hai fatto veramente un bel lavoro , è un sito di riferimento per tutti gli appassionati di Honda trial.

Paolo Razzini Site follower


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