From 1960 to 1970

1965 to 70 

From 1965 to 1973, First Honda Trials Bikes  

Ken Ives’ S90 Honda Trials Special

Ken Ives was a Honda dealers that made one of the first transformations from the “street” Hondas to ride on Trials races.

Ken Ives took a 1965 Honda S90 and made following modifications and improvements to well adapt on atrials riding:

He replaced the tyres, made a wider swing arm, of course improved the position and design of the foot rests, special exhaust, and add a bash plate to protect the bootom engine.

Engine was a lttle 90cc OHC, developing 8hp power, but strong enough to start on the first trial races.

Anounced sales price was 159GBP taxes included and 1-2 weeks delivery time.