From 1970 to 1975

Honda TL 125 Trials

1973 Honda TL 125 Trials (Honda code 335)

At the end of 1972, Honda launched the TL125, known in Japan as the name of BIALS.

Engine used for it was the 121,9cc (54 X 49,5mm) two valve sohc from the Honda SL125 model, lowering its compression from 9:5 to 8:1 

Little Honda Tl 125 was very popular, Honda had big success in the US, Japan and Europe.

The TL 125 first in 1973and the TL 250 in 1975 were the first production Honda Trials motorbikes. The begining of the nice and amazing history of this brand on Trials line narrated here at this webpage: The Honda Trials History.

In 1973 three Japanese riders took place at SSDT with the little TL 125, Nishiyama, Narita and Mazawa.

Peter Gaunt was one of the first UK engineers who in developed a transformation using a Honda bike as a base. The bike was sold under the Jefferies Honda name, this is because Jefferies bikes, located at Shipley, Yorkshire, was the dealer.

Honda seriously began on the Trials Bike competition in 1974 with one of the most important persons on the Honda Trial Bikes History: Sammy Miller. He was a key person on the Honda Team, as a rider, as a bike development and as a strategist.

The Honda TL 125 had a lot of series, for sure the most successful Honda trials.

From 1972 to 1988 little Honda TL125 had basically two series:

The Japan Bials series and the US TL series:

Honda TL125 US Model Series


                              1973 Honda TL125 K0 (US model)

1974 Honda TL125 K1 (US model) 

TL 125 K2

                                       1975 Honda TL125 K2 (US model)

TL 125S

                           1976 Honda TL125 S (EU model)  

  1983 Honda TL125 DJ (EU model)

TL 125 JD

1988 Honda TL125 JD06 (EU model)

Honda BIALS 125 Japan Model Series

1972 Honda BIALS 125 K0 (Japan model)

1974 Honda BIALS 125 K1 (Japan model)


1975 Honda BIALS 125 S (Japan model)

1981 Honda IHATOVO 125 SB (Japan model)


The bike had following equipement (several modifications and improvements were added during all his live): 


The engine was a Honda Single Cylinder, air cooled  

                                           Four stroke with two valves on head.

Displacement: 122cc displacement. 

Bore and Stroke: 56,0 X 49,5 mm

Compression Ratio: 8.0 : 1

The maximum power was 8 hp at 8.000 rpm

Clutch: Wet, multi-plate

Ignition System: Flywheel magneto


Steel tubular frame 88 Kg weight

2.75-21 and 4.00-18 tires


Five speed, constant mesh


For more detailed TL125 information see please the link below (fantastic web page enterely dedicated to this TL125 model from Jose, France):

1974 Harry Fairbairn’s Honda 125 trials 

 In 1974 after some Japanese riders did participate aboard little 150cc Honda machines (based on the 125s) in the Scotish Six Days Trial, Harry Fairbairn, Scotish Honda dealer, made a special bike based on the XL 125 Trail. The bike was modificated to reduce the weight, achiving a reasonables 180lbs, also special mudguards, exhaust system, and foldable footrests were made. These bikes were sold by Fairbairn at 300L. 

  I have no notice of any of these bikes surviving today. Also no fotos.

Honda Trials History TL 125 colaborators Pictures


100% Original 1975 Honda TL125 from The National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa. Picture sent thanks to Jay Gaard from Cedar Falls, Iowa


Original 1974 Honda TL125 K1 thanks again to the kindness of Jay Gaard 

1975 Honda TL 125 K2 Picture thanks to Jeremy

 Thanks to this Honda Trials History collaborator we can enjoy with these nice pictures of his 1974 TL125 purchased new and recently transformed to a SAMMY MILLER bike. Thanks for your pictures.


Picture sent by Jiří Kříž Czech Rep.

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