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The Honda Trials History webpage is a review of all the four-stroke Honda trials bikes from the beginning at early Sixties to later eighties with the RTL 250s.

Focussed on these nice and special bikes, also I joined to them, a brief history of the involved people on the History of this great Japanese brand.


I wish to express my sincere thanks to all the people that is giving me their support on this project. 

Also my very sincere thanks to the other Honda Trials friend websites that are a good complement and I strongly recommend to also visit and enjoy them.


Many thanks also to RTLR People for his support, help and knowledge. If this website has no so much mistakes or wrong information is thanks to them, if some can be done was sure my fault. Thanks Patrick, thanks Olivier, and many thanks Jean!






Held in Spain last September weekend the second International Honda Meeting bring together the best and unique Honda trials bikes with his owners, the most representative Honda trials collectors and experts. Here, thanks to the President of the International RTLR Club Europe, we can appreciate the quality of the meeting seeing these incredible machines. At first plane a very special (just restored) RTL360.

Also below a funny and charming picture with the members wearing "The Honda Trials History T-Shirt"

...and a kind signed letter by the RTLR Club members to me.

Thanks friends!



 Thanks to RTLR People for his support, help and knowledge. If this website has no so much mistakes or wrong information is thanks to them, if some can be done was sure my fault. Thanks Patrick, thanks Olivier, and many thanks Jean!



Above funny signed letter by RTLR Club members to me and "The Honda Trials History" T-Shirt.

    Nice picture thanks to friend Patrcik at Mitani's Shop. Mitani is wearing our T-Shirt thanks to Patrick who gave him.

 Another funny picture thanks to Masatsugu Mitani with also friend Jake Miller.

Friend of this site Ryosuke Ikuno (great video maker) also wearing the shirt thanks to my friend Patrick

The President of Power-craft Honda parts from Japan, Thanks to Ryosuke and Patrick

RTLR Club Europe President Patrick and The Honda Trials History founder Joan, at Costa Brava 2015 Trial.

Funny picture thanks to Isa.

Patrick at Costa Brava 2015 Trial. Very nice and one of the best European Classic trials.

Thanks again to Isa for the nice picture.

Pat (Aspen Cafe owner and Trials passionate) and Joan (The Honda Trials History founder) at Aspen Cafe bar, winter 2011. Aspen Cafe is an important meeteing point for all the natur lovers and trials bike passionates. You can find there people from everywere of the world, Japanese people, French, English, Spanish, Italian, German,....from everywere!! Charm place, carried from a friendly and hospitality way by my friend Pat.

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Tommy Sandham's introduction

Tommy Sandham's introduction - The Honda Trials History


Special thanks to Tommy Sandham:




Left side, Tommy Sandham riding his nice TL250. (Copyright Eric Biggs)

Tommy was the first to open the "closed box" of the Honda trials history with his valuable book FOUR-STROKE FINALE? that wrote with John Dickinson. Tommy Sandham was one of the most popular, appreciate and expert trials bike journalists.He also wrote three books dedicated to the "Scottish", the Scottish 1900-1962, the 1963-1989 and the 1984-2009, essential for your library!!  



Tommy Sandham books



Today retired of his job, he has had the great kindness to dedicate me these beautiful words: 


"Joan Forrellad has put together an extraordinarily interesting site about Honda trials motorcycles. Well done!

I was lucky enough to ride three of them, or should that be four of them? I had a 125cc Honda TL which was a brilliant bike. I then added a Sammy Miller frame and increased the engine capacity to 150cc which made it even better. I then had a TL250 which was a heavy lump but that bike provided the best fun you can have with your clothes still on! And of course I was very lucky to have the opportunity to ride the 360cc works Honda of Rob Shepherd in January 1981 for a couple of hours. What an incredible bike! Of course I was never a good enough rider to use it to its full potential!! Great memories! 
Good luck with the site."


Tommy Sandham


Co-Author of “Four-Stroke Finale? The Honda Trials Story”


Acknowledgments - The Honda Trials History


Special Thanks to Mr. Hiroshi Kondo. Hiroshi was the winner of The Japan Trials Championship in 1974 with Yamaha TY250J and with Honda in 1977, 1978 and 1979.

Hiroshi Kondo rode with the special Honda RS250T, the Works RTL305 long stroke type and in 1982 he made the amazing Honda first aluminum frame, called "Alien" because its special appearance.

After reading the webpage The Honda Trials History let me say:
"Joan san, I enjoy it very much!!!"
 Hiroshi Kondo

More info about the Kondo bike clicking here

                                          Kondo San and Joan, Milan 2015, Picture thanks to Trialscentral.com

My acknowledgments also to John Moffat, Ryosuke Ikuno, Jimmy Young, Iain Lawrie and Patrick Jay for his active support on this site.

I also strongly recommend to visit Moffat's Honda folder at Trialsguru. Nice recab of pictures and articles from around, very well documented and complementary to Honda Trials History website or other Honda trials classic sites. Good job John!!


Thanks to RTLR People for his support, help and knowledge. If this website has no so much mistakes or wrong information is thanks to them, if some can be done was sure my fault. Thanks Patrick, thanks Olivier, and many thanks Jean!


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