Marina’s TL

Marina designed her own TL125. She used the Honda light silver, inspired from vintage trials and trail Honda like Elsinore was.

The Reono’s TLM 260

Thanks to friend of this site Reio Ono «Reono» to share me these nice pictures from his latest project. This time a nice TLM restoration with a very special retro feeling from the seventies Honda Trials reinforced with the use of the sixties Honda wing logo. Congratulations Reono!! I love this job.

The Hiroshi Kondo bike

Thanks to Hiroshi Kondo to send me this nice picture

Hiroshi Kondo was the winner of the Japan Trial Championship at 1974 with Yamaha TY250 and 1977, 1978 and 1979 winner with Honda.

Kondo also rode at SSDT in 1976. Hiroshi rode at SSDT with a special Honda RS250T in 1984 inscribed with the number 154. Below you can see more info and pictures.

Hiroshi made some prototypes before the final Honda RS250T special,  following and again thanks to Mr. Hiroshi, you can see the pictures of the first what he made, below these following 3 pictures you can see the numbered 154 prototype.

If you want to see extended information, you can also go to the «From 80 to 85 Honda Bikes» chapter of this site.

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your bikes friends! and stay tunned to my news.

This next year 2019 I have a great surprise for all of you!

Stay tunned…

Trial Costa Brava

Trial Costa Brava is one of the nicest and popular Classic Trials in Europe. Last 2018 edition exceed the 400 participants and is known for its impeccable organization. Located in a privileged natural area, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, it is undoubtedly the most spectacular classic Trial. You can not lose this.
Congratulations to the entire organization and especially to my friend Joan Comas, along with the entire team, one of the magicians of this trial.

Joan and Patrick at Costa Brava

RTLR Club Europe President Patrick and The Honda Trials History founder Joan, at Costa Brava 2015 Trial.

Funny picture thanks to Isa.

Patrick at Costa Brava 2015 Trial. Very nice and one of the best European Classic trials.

Thanks again to Isa for the nice picture.

Joan also at Costa Brava trial, in one of the most amazing sections.

The Honda Trials History T-Shirt

Once upon a time, I thought it was fun to make a shirt with my logo, I made a few pieces and in a blink of an eye, they ran out. I thought it was nice to thank the RTLR club for their collaboration with this gift.

The RTLR Club members wearing the Honda Trials History T-Shirt. Thanks Patrick, thanks Olivier, and many thanks Jean!

Nice picture thanks to my friend Patrcik at Mitani’s Shop. Mitani is wearing our T-Shirt thanks to Patrick who gave him.

Thanks Patrick!!

 Another funny picture thanks to Masatsugu Mitani with also my friend Jake Miller. Thanks again Patrick to take and share this pic.

Friend of this site Ryosuke Ikuno (great video maker) also wearing the shirt thanks Patrick

The President of Power-craft Honda parts from Japan, Thanks to Ryosuke and Patrick

If you have your Honda Trials History T-Shirt send me a pictured I’ll be pleased to post it here.

Don’t have the T-Shirt yet? just ask me by sending an email to

International HONDA RTLR Club Meeting


Held in Spain in September 2013 the second International Honda Meeting bring together the best and unique Honda trials bikes with his owners, the most representative Honda trials collectors and experts. Here, thanks to the President of the International RTLR Club Europe, we can appreciate the quality of the meeting seeing these incredible machines. At first plane a very special (just restored) RTL360.

At picture above, funny and charming picture with the members wearing «The Honda Trials History T-Shirt»