From 1980 to 1985

1981 Honda RS170T

Same as RS200T model RS170T was made following same philosophy. The bike was designed and manufactured for competition use only.
The bike did not conform to federal motor vehicle safety standards and operation on public streets, roads or highways is ilegal. The RS 170 was based on a TL 125 S but rebored from 125 to 169,3cc

This special Trials bike was only sold in Japan, , small quantity were produced by RSC Japan Division.I have never seen any unit in Europe.

The RSC engine did offer an extra power from the original 125cc engine to more than 2,5 hp.

Japanese Catalogue anounced 10,5 hp power at 7.000 rpm and 1,2Kg-m at 4.000 rpm

1981-83 Honda Bikes

1981 to 1983 Honda RS250T 

Honda RS250T

Same as RS200T models RS250T was made following same philosophy. The bike was designed and manufactured for competition use only.

The bike did not conform to federal motor vehicle safety standards and operation on public streets, roads or highways is ilegal.

RS250T Original Catalogue Picture

It appears that RS250T production was lower than TL and RS 200. In fact first development was made late on 1981 and the production was done by the renamed RSC, the new HRC Honda Racing Corporation.

Honda RS250T Catalogue Top view

The RS250T was the excellence of the RS’s range. Very nice and competitive bike, based on the same RS200T chassis but modifying a little bit some parts to introduce the powerful 15Hp 249,8cc HRC engine. Like the RS200T rear wheel axle was perforated on all his extension, RS250T had also the front wheel one perforated.

My Honda RS250T (Joan F. «The Honda Trials History») 

The bike has no lights and any electrical installation. The front upper forks were covered by a nice aluminum plate.

Honda RS front

Front forks were improved from the RS200T adding a connection link between both fork tubes in order to balance the inner air pressure. 

To reduce the fuel tank width and allow to assemble the high performance Keihin 22, the RS250T had a really special shape fuel tank.

Keihin view

Original RS250T fuel tank color was Honda Red Accent painted. This bike was metallic silver/Honda Red Accent mixed painted on my personal choice of color.

The final appearance of the bike is really a professional prototype!!

HRC Silencer

The RS250T silencer, HRC logo engraved and two exhaust outlet. 

Joan’s RS250T

In opinion of the Honda Trials History Collaborators and fans, The RS250T one of the nicest Trials bikes Honda did. 

The RS205T silencer had two exhaust outlets and the de new HRC engraved logo. The TL200RII and RS200T models had only one and the RSC engraved logo.


The RSC engraved logo, one exhaust outlet form RS200T


A very nice aluminum silencer replica for RS200T, RS220T, Honda SEELEY and TL200RII.

An other difference between RS200T and RS250T is the color of the wheels, the RS250T had gold anodized finish, the engine had also different color painting, the RS250T was black color instead Metallic Silver.


In some RS250T units we can see special air expansion chamber on exhaust. Not all the units had this feature and not all the expansion chambers were made on the same way or shape, this is something that was hand made specially for every unit.

This unit, thanks to Carlo from Italy, was painted as the later Yamamoto RS250TW 


Same RS 250T from Carlo, now in action! Thanks Carlo. Nice pic.


Gasoline air cooled 4-stroke

Displacement: 249,8 cc

Valve train: Overhead camshaft chain drive

Maximum Horspower: 15hp at 6.000rpm

Maximum Torque: 2 Kg/m at 4.000rpm

Compression ratio: 8.3

Ignition: CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)


6- Speed transmission constant mesh

Clutch: Wet multi-plate type


Diamond Type, aluminum swing arm

Front suspension: 33mm, 70mm travel

Rear suspension: alumini¡um swing arm 40mm travel

Fuel capacity: 3 lit

Caster angle: 26º


Weight: 87 Kg

Wheel base: 1314mm

Seat heigh:720mm


A very nice and original RS250T restoration. Thanks to friend of this site Luis Lazaro.

Here another nice restoration made by a friend of this website Miquel Roig. Thanks Miquel!


 Kenji Kodama’s RS250T gas tank and seat nice option painted 


Gordon Martinovic’s RS250T, works front forks equipped. Nice and original condition.


Thanks again to Gordon Martinovic for this second picture. This time a nice RS frame replica made by Mick Whitlock and TLR engine fitted.

1982 Honda Hiroshi Kondo


Picture © The Honda Trials History webpage thanks to Mr. Hiroshi Kondo (owner of the Picture)


Hiroshi Kondo was the winner of the Japan Trial Championship at 1974 with Yamaha TY250 and 1977, 1978 and 1979 winner with Honda.

Kondo also rode at SSDT in 1976. Hiroshi rode at SSDT with a special Honda RS250T in 1984 inscribed with the number 154. Below you can see more info and pictures.

Hiroshi made some prototypes before the final Honda RS250T special,  following and again thanks to Mr. Hiroshi, you can see the pictures of the first what he made, below these following 3 pictures you can see the numbered 154 prototype.


Thanks to Hiroshi Kondo for the kidness to send me a lot of information, pictures and comments about this machine and his own Honda Trials experience.

Thanks also to my friends Ryosuke Ikuno and John Moffat for also his contribution with also pictures and information on the Kondo bike for The Honda Trials History webpage.


                    Picture © The Honda Trials History webpage thanks to Mr. Hiroshi Kondo (owner of the Picture)

Hiroshi Kondo made one of the most revolutionary performances never seen before in a Honda trials machine.

Starting from HRC Honda RS250T machine he developed the first complete aluminum frame for a trials machine in the world. Was in 1982, just coinciding first Honda World Trial Championship that Eddy Lejeune won.


This amazing machine had a special design containing the fuel tank into the upper side of the faluminim frame, just under the shapes.   Also at same level was included a perforated entrance window for the intake of the air to the Carburetor air box. I have no reference of the final weight of the bike.

This special design defined an strange an peculiar look who favored the name of «ALIEN» in reference of the movie.


The bike is today still alive. In fact, Hiroshi retsored and rode with this bike in a regional Japan Trials not long time ago.

Picture thanks to John Moffat and Mark Lamplough. Picture was taken and belongs to Mark Lamplough.

The Hiroshi Kondo bike more closely view. Picture was taken by Mark Lamplough.


© Pictures thanks to Torbjorn Eyre, thanks Torbjorn! 

«I produced this motorcycle in 1983. It is an aluminum frame. I added a gas tank to the upper part for SSDT. Unfortunately the result was the 130th place by the damage of the exhaust pipe from the second day. I equip this motorcycle with DUNLOP TRIAL tire for the first time. I did a tire test of Dunlop before the release in SSDT. Thank you for a splendid photograph

Let me share a photograph.» Hiroshi Kondo 

Remenber: The use of any picture shall be authorised by his owner through The Honda Trials History web page.

Thanks to my friend Ryosuke 生野 涼介 to help me on this interesting information.

You can find interesting videos made by him at following links:

Kenichi Kuroyama Hokkaido round.

Takumi Narita on randonee.

Young rider Akira Shibata  worming up.

Kenichi Kuroyama worming up.

Tomoyuki  Ogawa worming up.

The Honda TLR200

The TLR200 (Honda Code KJ2)


No words!! Super pioture sent by my friend Pat from French Alps. Thanks again Pat.

Original condition restored Honda TLR200  (Joan F.,The Honda Trials History)


Nice restoration made by my friend Edu from Barcelona.

The TLR is used today as a good option at Classic Trial competitions (twinshock).

This picture from Mike, UK is a good example of a TLR250 nice tuning.


Thanks Mike!

Thanks Pat for trhis nice picture! TLR at Aspen Cafe.

This TLR200 sent By Chris Stevens from was a great performance done by Classictrial.

The secret of this performance is majority on the carb and exhaust improvement.

Barry Higgs is having success with this relatively standard TLR200. (Tank-seat kit, colored rims, rear shocks, and some finish

make a no TLR Standard look, but frame, engine, and wheel base mesurements are basically the same as standard TLR)

TLR200 nice pictures sent by Pat, from Aspen.


 Wayne Dunn sent me these nice pictures from his TLR 200 elctrical Starter engine fitted!! 


 Jenny Morgan sent me this specila TLR 200. This nice TLR was refurbished in May 2010 by him with the intention of using it as a mild trail bike, plus to have a go at a few twinshock events.

The engine and suspension remains as the original ones but some ather components received small modifications, improvments or changes as the front break system that was replaced by the XR400 disc brake. Thanks Jenny.


TLR200 Electick start

This time, thanks to the friend of this site Paul Cowley from, here we can admire this useful feature.

This nice model was developed by It was done by Colin Leese of TYOffroad, Paul painted the frame and engine.

It has Paul’s tank on but not painted by him, Twinshock Shop Yokes,


TLR 200 Electrical Starter


Thanks to Wayne Dunn here you can see a special feature. This is a Licensed by Honda 197 cc engine with Honda clutch and some special changes at his primary gears to allow combine a 10 tooth front sprocket.

This engine has also TLR engine covers fitted.

It has an electrical starter fitted. For sure easy to engine start, and confortable to use.

By the oposite side there is an increasing weight.

Anyway an other possibility for the Honda engines.

The bike was built by Colin Leese.

1983 Honda TLR250

The TLR250(Honda Code KR9)


1982 was a great year for Honda, Eddy Lejeune won the first World Champinship riding the RTL360, The following two years 1983 and 1984 Eddy Lejeune continued giving joys to Honda, he also won two years more the World Championship.

Based on this successfull RTL360, Honda made at end of 1982 a really good and competitive series trial bikes, the new TLR’s.


Piers Dillon onboard his TLR 250 at the VMMC trial Billown, Isle of Man, 2010 


                                  Flying TLR 250, sent by David Andres Zels from Belgium


Flying again, sent by David Andres Zels from Belgium


                                                TLR 250, sent by Patrick Soudan from Belgium


  TLR 250, sent by Pat from Aspen Cafe.

These TLR bikes were a essential milestone on the Honda trials history.

The bike was offered in two different engines and practically same frame, TLR250 and TLR200. The first one had a HRC based (but not developed) 249 cc displacement, 4 stroke and two valves engine. Second one, the TLR200 had 194 cc 4 stroke engine.

Thanks to Donald from Belgium for these two TLR250 options (different gas tank color) 

Perfect condition TLR250 sent by Paul (now on sale, contact


TLR250 equipped with special Petrol tank-seat kit. Picture thanks to Mike Pearce


 TLR250 equipped with special Petrol tank-seat kit blue Red-Bull painted. Picture thanks to Mike Pearce


Thanks to Dean Swann. Nice Honda TLR 250 with RTL 250 cc engine fitted.


From Australia Steven Hervie sent me this well performed Honda TLR 250


From Spain, the nice Josep Feliu’s TLR 250 performed first by Josep banyeres and later refined by Limit Motos. Josep is still making some fine tunning on carb and clutch. On the pic we say that It is standing by the UPY stand bike. Thanks Josep. 


TLR 250 restored by Donald Eggen From Belgium. Thanks Donald, good work.


This TLR picture was sent by Donald, the bike was in original conditions, look at mudguards, silencer, original Showa rear absorvers. Beautiful original Honda.


Very nice and special TLR250 sent by a friend of this site Toni Buxadé. Thanks Toni !!


1984 TLR250 sent by Rob Fleet, South east England, UK.


TLR250 & TLR200 Technical Data


Gasoline air cooled 4-stroke

Displacement: 249,8 cc

Valve train: Overhead camshaft chain drive

Maximum Horspower: 15hp at 6.000rpm

Maximum Torque: 2 Kg/m at 4.000rpm

Compression ratio: 8.3

Ignition: CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)


Gasoline air cooled 4-stroke

Displacement: 194 cc

Valve train: Overhead camshaft chain drive

Maximum Horspower: 13,4 hp at 6.500 rpm

Maximum Torque: 1,8 Kg/m at 4.000rpm

Compression ratio: 8.2 : 1

Ignition: CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)


6- Speed transmission constant mesh

Clutch: Wet multi-plate type


Diamond Type

Front suspension: 35mm diameter, 247cc oil capacity

Rear suspension: swing arm 150mm travel

Fuel capacity: 4 lit

Caster angle: 24º 30′


Diamond Type

Front suspension: 35mm diameter, 207cc oil capacity

Rear suspension: swing arm 150mm travel

Fuel capacity: 6,5 lit

Caster angle: 26º 30′


Weight: 88 Kg

Wheel base: 1315mm

Seat heigh: 750mm


Weight: 90 Kg

Wheel base: 1315mm

Seat heigh: 780mm


Spectacular TLR concept using RTL250 engine, this special transformation was entirely made by Mike Pearce, tank unit, alloy s/arms, mudguards, frame…

Of course this is not a TLR, but also not a RTL, I post here due to I have no space for these transformations but I thought it is a very interesting work and nice to see for all the Honda passionates. Thanks Mike.


TLR 250 with RTL 250 engine fitted


Nice Honda TLR 250. This time thanks to Dean Swann here is a Honda TLR 250 with RTL 250 cc engine fitted.

This is an other way to update the TLR engine, obtaining the latest engine modifications that Honda did.

Bike performance by Colin Leese.

1983 Honda bikes

1983 Honda Alpha 240


Thanks to Patrick from Aspen Café*, today I’m glad to rescue this nice bike and history.

In 1983 French engineer Jacques Coll* developed this advanced frame based on a Honda XL125 engine.


Jacques Coll designed a very special frame, mixing alluminum parts and inox steel detachable rear sub frame.

He made a very clever and advanced solutions as the air filter at top (light position, between front forks) and gas tank under the seat. With this solution the bike has everytime clean and fresh air n the combustion and moving down the gravity center. This solution was also applied at same time in Sweeden by the hand of Maltry brothers to develop the also advanced Trans Ama bike.


Today some actual bikes as Sherco Trials are applying some of these solutions, but 27 years later!!!

This advanced engineer also put a monoshock as a rear suspension, achieving 199mm displacement, reducing weight and also moving down the Gravity Center.


Honda XL 125 engine was updated and improved increasing his capacity to 240cc. besides used Keihin 22, and changed transmission ratios to finilize the fine tunning.

All made by an excellent quality and good adjustments.


Air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder 

Displacement: 240 cc.

Maximum Power: 

Maximum torque: 

Ignition: CDI

Six speed

Diamond steel type, Inox and alluminum detachable sub chassis.
Wheelbase: ? I have no this information
Caster angle: ? I have no this information
Front suspension: Telescopic
Rear Suspension: Monoshock
Weight: 79 Kg!!!

Wheelbase: 1.305

* Jacques Coll was a clever and advanced French engineer. He was working at Militar Aviation service on the begining and leter became an outstanding engineer working in several projects as this nice ALPHA bike. He was the engineer who developed the first Sherco engines and also the first four-stroke Sherco engine. Unfortunatelly world of trials bikes lost one of their best engineers, Jacques Coll died in 2006 in Vacarisses, Catalonia, Spain.

* Thanks to People from Moto Club Vacarisses to update us the information about his last days place were he lived.

* Aspen Cafe is a nice and long tradition five generation Cafe placed in French Alps, more info at:

Honda Alpha 210


Jacques Coll made also this nice Honda Alpha 210 based on the TL200 Engine assembling only 19 units of this model. Picture thanks to friend Patrick Verrier.

1983 Honda TLM 50


For the young beginners Honda made in 1983 this nice two stroke engine little machine, The TLM 50.

Design was fully based on the TLR’s series. Red with white, blue stripes, red frame and black painted engine. This is not a «really» Honda machine, due to his two stroke engine, but I wanted to introduce here because may be some Honda four stroke Trials fans were lucky to start with this model.


On this picture (thanks to Andrew Hoddler) the Honda TLM 50 in action with a young rider. This unit equipped the TLR 250 Fuel tank and seat. Also engine capacity was increased to 60cc, some improvements on carb and big TL125 wheels. 

Take a look at aluminum bash plate, it was replaced instead original plastic one. Swingarm was also replaced by the TLR200 (with small modifications) to adapt TL125 wheels.



Air cooled Two Stroke single cylinder 

Displacement: 49 cc.

Maximum Power: 5,4 hp at 7.300 rpm

Maximum torque: 0,98 Kg/m at 4.500 rpm

Ignition: CDI


Five speed


Diamond steel type

Wheelbase: ? I have no this information

Caster angle: ? I have no this information

Front suspension: Telescopic

Rear Suspension: Hidraulic

Weight:  70 Kg 

Honda TL250 Gollner


Thanks to Keith Mardon

I will try to post information about this bike. Any help will be welcome.

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