From 1975 to 1980

HONDA TL 250 (Honda Code 376)

In April 1974 Sammy Miller flew from Heathrow to Tokyo, Japan. Sammy signed a contract with Honda for the new range trials bikes development.

Sammy was impressed on his first travel to Honda R&D headquarters. High security level, special sections constructed for testing new trials bikes, and everybody waiting for him.

He started working with the TL125 and XL250 engine. The TL125 was the first Honda Trials attempt using the small 121,9cc two-valve sohc engine from the SL125 Trail Honda.

Honda R&D team was benn placed at Sammy’s disposal to develop the new Honda Trials bike and Sammy decided to start with the XL250, but found a lot of difficulties to adapt it from the Trails needs to Trials requirements.

Sammy did a giant work on this development, big efforts to improve carburation, completely new frame (he based on its also designed High-Boy for the Bultaco trials), new upper yokes, also replaced the rims for alloy ones, and a lot of work on the suspension definition.
The silencer was also redefinedto obtain the maximum efficency.

In 1974 Sammy scored several wins on the Honda 250 first prototype. In October of this year, Sammy Miller won his first victory with the second prototype Honda at Sturminister Newton Trial at Gillingham.