HRC & RSC history

The Honda Research & Development 

For the development of special racing motorcycles and parts Honda created a separate company, first in 1970 this company was called RSC, Racing Service Center Corporation, later in 1982 the company was renamed as HRC, Honda Racing Corporation. Best Honda Trials bikes were designed and developed by RSC or HRC company. 

Racing Service Center

rsc logotype
honda rsc

In the early 1970’s Honda created a separate company to oversee racing, the company was called RSC, Racing Service Center. Later, in September 1982, RSC changed to HRC and began the Honda’s racing, endurance, trials and motocross racing programs. 

Honda Racing Corporation

The HRC logo began to be applied on 1982. HRC Division headquarters is based in Saitama, Japan and Aalst in Belgium. Tetsuo Suzuki is the President and Shuhei Nakamoto his Vice President. The main service is the Research and development of racing motorcycles and parts. 

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